Enacting solidarity between displaced and dispossessed peoples: resistance-through-art in the prairies

Ultimately, our ability to tend to relationships between communities whose oppression intersects enables concrete responses to be formed to the inter-twined questions of Indigenous sovereignty here in North America and ongoing displacement of peoples around the globe. The tireless work of the members of the Brown, Black and Fierce!


by Zoe Todd

In recent weeks, Mi’kmaq leader Stephen Augustine has called upon Canada to open up its doors to refugees fleeing violence in Syria. According to the Cape Breton Post, Augustine urged a crowd at a pro-refugee rally to acknowledge the model that the Mi’kmaq set when refugees and immigrants came to the Maritimes over a period of hundreds of years. Augustine reminded the crowd that refugees, “need to come to North America and we need to welcome them in the way that Aboriginal People welcomed people to eastern Canada and to Canada in general.” And, as my friend Leila Sidi pointed out to me this week, Harsha Walia articulated, in a public Facebook post, the ongoing solidarity between Indigenous peoples here in Canada and those fleeing violence abroad. Heeding Augustine’s call to ‘open our doors’, and acknowledging the solidarity between Indigenous peoples and refugees that Walia…

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