A Granddaughters Call To Witness Answered Generations Later

Respectful listening presence.

ELCA American Indian/Alaska Native StoryTelling

img_0788 Mato Waste Winyan     (Kelly Sherman-Conroy)               Seminary Student

“They are protecting a pipeline that was put into place because of a church doctrine. We are here to say we were wrong.” –Father John Floberg

I stood with over 500 clergy from more than 20 different faith traditions who gathered at Standing Rock on Thursday November 3rd to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock and to publicly denounce the Doctrine of Discovery as fundamentally opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Armed with the power of prayer, tradition and ceremony we stood together as one.

As an Oglala Lakota standing with my family, my Lakota/Dakota/Nakota family, my worldwide indigenous family, my faith family as we held the frontline in a peaceful, prayerful, non-violent and lawful actions, I felt the tears rush down my cheeks. The call was put out by my ancestors…

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